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For the first time, Saba has over 400,000 parking spaces, after being awarded the total management of car parks in the ANA airport network in Portugal


At the end of 2019 Saba had. for the first time, in excess of 400,000 managed parking spaces, ater being awarded the management contract for all the car parks in the ANA airport network in Portugal. This operation, which involves increasing the number of parking spaces managed by the company in that country by 66%, to 35,000 spaces, strengthens strategy of growth and geographical diversification of the Group, which is present in 9 countries, with a network of 1,230 car parks, and a workforce of 2,400 employees.

During the Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting held today in Barcelona, as well as remotely, the President of Saba, Salvador Alemany, and the Chief Executive Officer, Josep Martínez Vila, underlined the main lines of FY 2019, marked by the incorporation of four new countries, the United Kingdom, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, into the Saba ambit, the application of new technologies in customer service and business transformation, as well as the improvement of operational efficiency.

The President of Saba gave his assurance that “we continue to insist on the idea of the car park as a service hub integrated into the city's mobility policy, encompassing also a whole ecosystem of businesses associated with infrastructure and the people who use it”.

In this sense, the CEO of Saba clarified that this concept of parking as a “container for mobility services” is reflected in the Saba network with the incorporation of electric charging services, with 190 parking spaces in 47 car parks in Spain, Andorra , Italy, Portugal and Chile, and 3G coverage, scalable to 5G, in 43 car parks in Spain.


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