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Saba confirms the recovery of its activity in the car park business and remains committed to growth and geographic diversification as priority objectives


Saba held its Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting today, during which the fiscal year 2015 was assessed. It was a year in which recovery of its car park business activity was confirmed and growth and geographic diversification remained a priority. The first five years of the company were also assessed. In that time, noteworthy events include growth of the main figures and the internal transformation that has increased the Group’s operational efficiency, development of active management of its contracts and carrying to completion growth opportunities, thus implementing initiatives that have positioned Saba as a technological and business leader in the sector.

The recovery of activity in Saba’s car park business is one of the most relevant facts in 2015, confirming the positive trend of 2014.That’s the statement that Saba’s President, Salvador Alemany, made during his presentation. The company closed the year with a 6% overall increase, which represents a total of 73 million hours of turnover invoiced, and a 2% in comparable terms, growth not included.

On the other hand, Saba’s CEO, Josep Martínez Vila, also stressed the significant recovery of subscribers, of whom there was a 23% increase in 2015, a 7% in comparable terms, up to 37,509 subscribers, “thanks to marketing actions undertaken and the improvement of macroeconomic variables and consumption”, he added. He also put forward to shareholders the activity data for January-May 2016, in which the Group’s turnover increased by 8%, that is 5% in comparable terms, representing 31 million hours of turnover invoiced, and an 18% growth in subscribers up to 43,117 subscribers.

Therefore, Saba’s ordinary operating income, at the close of 2015, stood at 222 million euros (+3%) while ordinary EBITDA reached 103 million euros (+11%). Considering the impact of the divestments, net income would be 240 million euros (+12%) and that of EBITDA 121 million euros (+30%), with a 46% margin, “which has evolved increasingly in recent years, despite an environment of falling activity, thanks mainly to the implementation of improvement and efficiency measures, new investments in technology and commercial innovation and new development operations”, noted Josep Martinez Vila.


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