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The company is facing a new stage of growth after closing the 2011-2014 period with increases in its key figures and a €450 M cumulative investment in expansion


Today, during the Annual General Meeting held in Barcelona, Saba has taken balance of the last four years, starting when the company was founded in 2011. In this period, the main results show growth in its main figures, a larger size for the Group, a new operating management model and technological and commercial transformation. These bases enable Saba to now face a new stage of growth after recent operations culminated in the last two years:  Aena, Adif and Bamsa.

Saba’s President, Salvador Alemany, explained during his speech that since the establishment of the new Saba project in 2011, “We have maintained growth as the main strategic challenge, which has been the key element in creating value for the company, even with an adverse macroeconomic environment.”  “Now, we have before us proof that our roadmap has been successful with regard to the strategy designed”, he underlined.

In this regard, Saba’s CEO, Josep Martínez Vila, explained that between 2011 and 2014 the company has experienced growth in the number of car parks (+74%) to 354 sites, and the number of parking spaces has increased +42%, to 193,000, with an accumulated investment in expansion of 450 million euros, which gives Saba a concession life of over 25 years, not counting Adif or management contracts. Moreover, in this same period, the Group has increased its operating income by 12%, to 215 million euros, and its EBITDA by 22%, to 93 million euros, and its EBITDA margin by 4%, to place it at 43%.


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