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Corporate information

Code of Ethics and Anti-corruption Policy

Saba gets the entire organisation involved with the best practices of good Corporate Governance, and has set up communication channels with the Mission, Values, Code of Ethics and the business and development strategy in addition to strengthening interaction with stakeholders. Saba's Code of Ethics, approved in 2013, has as its mission to ensure our duty with the law and the most positive values of our society. Saba also has a Corruption Prevention Policy and relations to the Public Administration and third parties for the purposes of:

  • Establishing the principles of action for employees in their dealings with public authorities and private companies. 
  • Protecting the process of free competition and concurrence in all those public contests to which Saba companies can submit their offer. 
  • Protecting free competition and concurrence in the acquisition and/ or delivery of goods and/ or services. 
  • Setting Zero Tolerance for Corruption, both in its relations with the Administration and in private business relationships.

The Code of Ethics and the Anti-corruption Policy are applicable in Saba and the entire group of companies it controls, both in Spain and in the other countries in which it is currently present, notwithstanding the adjustments that may be made in order to respect the specific legislation of each one of the countries where these companies are located. It is binding for the members of Saba's Management Bodies, its directors and all its employees.