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Saba has recovered much of its business and revenue and reinforced its range of mobility services
The company achieves development operations in all the countries it works in

In a context of recovery from the second quarter of 2021 onwards, thanks to improving health indicators, Saba's revenue reached the 234 million achieved in the previous year, 18% more than 2020, with an EBITDA 43% up, at 103 million. 
Saba acquires 51% of the stake in last mile logistics operator Geever
The company aspires to become one of the main players in its sector

Saba and Geever have collaborated for more than three years in Barcelona, developing a sustainable urban distribution model through the Saba and Bamsa car park network, which functions through microhubs and has reduced failed deliveries to below 10%.
It runs the biggest electric sharing network in the industry, with 500 points in five countries, and drives last-mile distribution with 9 micro-hubs for local deliveries and 117 e-commerce pick-up points in 4 countries
Available in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Chile, the renewed “Saba App” optimises the customer experience with a clean and intuitive design
Salvador Alemany will chair the Board of Directors of the last mile logistics company