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Corporate information

Code of Ethics

Saba gets the entire organisation involved with the best practices of good Corporate Governance, and has set up communication channels with the Mission, Values, Code of Ethics and the business and development strategy. We are strengthening interaction with stakeholders, enabling us to obtain constant feedback and align the performance of Saba’s activity with expectations in areas such as quality, information and transparency.

Today’s social climate requires that companies behave as socially responsible entities, with a commitment to values such as the environment, mutual respect, cooperation and dialogue, but also an overriding obligation to comply with the law, ethical principles and respect for human rights. In this sense, Saba's Code of Ethics, approved in 2013, has as its mission to ensure our duty with the law and the most positive values of our society.

The Code of Ethics is applicable to Saba and the companies it controls, both in Spain and in the other countries in which it is present, notwithstanding the adjustments that may be made in order to respect the specific legislation of each one of the countries where these companies are located. It is binding for the members of Saba's Management Bodies, its directors and all its employees.

Saba actions in ethical conduct

Since 2011, Saba has approved and implemented different regulations and procedures with the aim of establishing transparency, efficiency, responsibility and sustainability as the basic pillars that guide the company's performance. Likewise, it has implemented a series of crime prevention measures:

  • Approval of the Code of Ethics and its extension to the Group’s subsidiaries
  • Distribution of the Code of Ethics to the entire staff of Saba
  • Creation of the Ethical Channel (complaints channel)
  • Constitution of the Ethics Committee
  • Constitution of the Crime Prevention Commission