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Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting 2016
Saba confirms the recovery of its activity in the car park business and remains committed to growth and geographic diversification as priority objectives

Saba’s ordinary operating income in 2015 stood at 222 million euros (+3%) while ordinary EBITDA reached 103 million euros (+11%). Considering the impact of divestments, net income is 240 million euros (+12%) and EBITDA is 121 million euros (+30%).   
Saba concludes a deal to purchase the Portuguese concessionaire CPE
In the last 4 years, the company has incorporated more than 105,000 parking spaces and 195 car parks thanks to new contract

CPE is the fourth private car park company in Portugal, with a portfolio of 13 car parks and 2 regulated areas in 9 cities, including Lisbon and Oporto, which together sum a total of 8,100 parking spaces and about 30-year concessional average life. 
Ordinary figures 2015: operating revenues totalled 222 million euros (+3%), whereas the EBITDA was around 103 million euros (+11%)
The company adapts its business offer to new consumer uses and habits, with new products, and linking them to processes that improve mobility
The company consolidates one of the lines of action of its CSR policy in regard to charitable activities and links with the different territories where it operates
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